Theater play analysis

Theater play analysis

answer each question ( 400-500) words for each of the 5 questions

1. Briefly explain the Aristotlian and Brechtian models of theatre
making. Then apply them to two plays you read this semester. (Antigone and hamlet)

4. Censorship has been a challenge for theatre makers. Explain the
different kinds of censorship and how it affects making theatre, giving

8. Analyze Anouilh’s Antigone relating it to cultural and
political circumstances of its time.

11. Though
Pirandello wrote Six Characters in Search of an Author before the
popularity of the Brechtian theory, there are strong echoes of it in this play.
Discuss the similarities and differences between Pirandello’s and Brecht’s
technique as it was used in this play.

5. Heather Raffo’s 9 Parts of Desire uses characters and
language in unique ways. Discuss how she structurally builds her characters and
establishes relationships between them and how she uses language to
separate/connect her characters.