Carnegie Faculty

Carnegie Faculty

Identify the factors which influence and shape the development of organisations operating within the global hospitality industry, illustrating use of media literacy through the assessments
Instructions to Students for Submission of Coursework

B. Individual Company Report Portfolio – (will be awarded a grade = 60% of the total grade) – summative.

Scenario: There are numerous international locations which in the coming years will require some form of additional or supplementary hospitality offer eg. Hotel Rooms for Commonwealth Games 2014, Glasglow, Scotland. Or other international locations which you feel (and will justify) may require the presence of a specific hospitality organisation.

Particular instructions to students:

The aim of your report is to choose which organisation and in which international destination you would develop it.

Your report portfolio regarding the company should include an analysis on each of the following areas / sections.

1.    Rationale for destination choice
2.    Overview of the organization – including products/services; direct competitors
3.    Global reach and modes of operating chosen to operate in the chosen destination
4.    Key operating internal & external environment issues – SWOT & PEST analysis