Abductive Reasoning

Often called, Inference to the Best Explanation, abduction is a brand of inference that gives special status to explanatory thoughts. Thus, it is not surprising that many philosophers agree that the form of reasoning is useful both in daily and scientific thinking. Nevertheless, the exact form and normative state of abduction remains controversial.  Normally, abduction …

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Computer Science Undergraduate

cloud storage

Assignment #3 No directly quoted material may be used in this project paper.Resources should be summarized or paraphrased with appropriate in-text and Resource page1. Explain what Cloud storage is, how it works, and what challenges and remedies are presented when attempting to acquire data from the Cloud. 2.  If you had to explain to someone …

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APA (edition "APA 6") Business and Management

Coursework 2

The report length is 3500 words. When counting your words, please exclude the text in figures, tables, Section 1 (Title Page and Table of Contents) and Section 7 (References). The word count must be included in the Title Page. This assessment uses the work undertaken in Coursework 1 as its foundation. This time however, you …

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Marketing Not applicable

Ethical use of AI

After reading the chapter attached and 2 articles:1)https://www.vice.com/en/article/88apnv/underpaid-workers-are-being-forced-to-train-biased-ai-on-mechanical-turk 2)https://slate.com/technology/2021/04/scatterlab-lee-luda-chatbot-kakaotalk-ai-privacy.html What concerns do you have regarding the ethical use of AI? How could you address these concerns if you were to implement AI in your business?

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APA (edition "APA 6") Other

Cosmetic surgery in Korea

The assignment requires an analytical discussion rather than adescriptive explanation.Citations: APA styleRequirement: You MUST incorporate at least 3 academic papers and other sources such asbooks, newspaper articles, blog posts, among others.The Outline (The format below is suggestive. You can vary it as you like): Introduction1. Orientate the reader2. Identify the focus/purpose3. Outline the scope4. State …

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