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Write a research paper to ultimately ban the use of silica sand in Canada as a blasting abrasive.

The massive quantities of dust caused by blasting silica sand to prepare the surface of metals causes Silicosis, an incurable disease. There are SO many alternatives that have less than 1% silica that do not harm people, but because they are expensive, Canadians stick to using sand.

We need to showcase how bad Silica sand is and promote the simple solution of using other abrasives. It has been banned in Australia and over 20 countries in Europe. The effects on the lungs and body are horrific.

I have 4 empirical journals PDF’d to share with you as long as this one site. If you can find any proof on why the respirator equipment is not sufficient enough to prevent this illness that would be AMAZING. Please contact me immediately so I can send the 4 PDF articles to make the job of the writer easier (hopefully).