Dance Appreciation

Dance Appreciation

Project description
You will then write a 1.5-2 page critique paper. No bulleted lists, paper must be written in paragraph form in complete sentences. If you use any outside sources to research this work, or choreographer, please list the websites and/or books. I highly recommend googling the choreographer or company or specific work to get some more information about them. If you use any information from other sources, paraphrase or cite in paper- No plagiarizing!!!

Each of the follow should be their own separate paragraph.

_________ Introduction to work: title, choreographer (background information), year created, where it was premiered (15pts.)

_________ Description of work: music, costumes, set, props, movement style (20pts.)

_________ Interpretation of work: What did you feel the choreographer was trying to convey? What did you take away from the work? What helped communicate this message to you (music, costumes, props, gender of dancers, etc.)? (20pts.)

_________ Evaluation of work: Did you enjoy this work? Why, or why not? Would you recommend this choreographer to your reader? (15pts.)