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powerful communication

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LDR 6115: Powerful Communications

Communications Exercise 1

For this exercise, you should work with your Learning Partner. Discuss the case and potential

approaches with your partner and then have him/her review and provide feedback on your response to

the exercise prior to submission.

Read and analyze “The Case: Superior Foods Corporation Faces a Challenge” on pages 46-47 in

Leadership Communication textbook. This is a real-world communications challenge that many leaders

will face in their career, regardless of their industry or whether they are in a for-profit or non-profit

environment. This kind of situation requires careful consideration of why employees need to be
communicated with; what the purpose is for the communication; and the primary message(s) to
communicate. Even though this is a message to employees, leaders must consider the possibility of
internal communications leaking to external audiences via social media or the press, so while employees
are the primary audience, other audiences must be taken into consideration when developing the

Here are some shared assumptions that should be considered in addition to the material in the


The layoffs will affect 25% of the workers, or about 100 people, and the company will lay off those
most recently hired. The exact names of those who will be laid offhave not yet been decided, but
the company will know within 48 hours.

The layoffs will last for at least three months, and could possibly last for a longer time.

The production shutdown will involve only parts of the plant.

Impacted employees will still have access to the company’s health care, and will be eligible for
unemployment assistance from the government.

The company is not unionized.

Audience considerations:

The employees are the primary audience. But you should consider additional or secondary audiences

such as suppliers and other companies who do business with Superior Foods, customers of the company

who could hear about the layoffs, the broader community in Nebraska City, city officials, and the media.

You might think of other audiences as well.

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