Order Description

-List of books-

FREUD Civilisation
KANT What is enlightenment and other essays
MALOUF Samarkand
ROUSSEAU The social contract
FOUCAULT History of sexuality v.1
PLATO Symposium

-Professor’s instructions-

This assignment calls on you to make a coherent argument on a thematic of your choosing that can serve to bring your selected texts together.
However, we expect you to consult not only the texts on your original list, but at least THREE FURTHER SECONDARY SCHOLARLY TEXTS addressing the thematic you have chosen to write on or the primary sources on your list. The arguments of these secondary works must be enveloped and engaged with in your prose. NO INTERNET SOURCES OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED. However, equally important as breadth, your paper MUST make a coherent argument on the thematic you have chosen to discuss and think through your texts in relation to one another. This argument should be clearly articulated in the introductory paragraphs of your paper and the body of the essay should then work to demonstrate and bear out this argument through systematic discussion of your chosen primary and secondary texts. Think of the opening part of your paper as stating your argument, the body of the paper as providing the evidence and the concluding section as pointing to what has been achieved and what questions your work has elicited for further investigation. Without an argument and substantive discussions of the texts with respect to it, you will not have fulfilled the requirements for this assignment and, hence, you will fail. Accordingly, please reflect on these guidelines as you compose your work.

Finally, I’m going to warn you once more about plagiarism. From having spoken to and interacted with you in class, I have a sense of what you are and are not capable of with regards to the English language; you will not be able to fool me, not to mention that your submission will also go through an automated plagiarism filter. Remember, using the words of any author—three or more words are all it takes—without adequate citation and attribution is plagiarism. Using the ideas of any other person without adequate citation and attribution is plagiarism. If you have any doubts, simply cite the author, the work AND PAGE NUMBER to be on the safe side.