Poetry Assignment

Poetry Assignment

1.  demonstrate mastery of the following course level outcomes:

2.  Identify analogies, metaphors, and symbols within written and visual texts.
3.  Write coherent analyses of literature in academic essays.
4.  Analyze issues raised in literature for both discussion and academic essays.

There are two parts to this assignment, an essay and an original poem.

Part One: Essay

You will write an essay that analyzes poems we have covered in class.  The essay must closely examine two poems that cover the same theme.  Possible themes include, but are not limited to:

•    Your own or another cultural group
•    Gender roles
•    Economics/Class Structure
•    Religion
•    Human sexuality
•    Parental relationships

You must use quotes from the poems and discuss the meanings and symbols presented in the literary works.  The paper should show comprehension of literary devices such as symbols, metaphors, tone, meter, rhyme scheme, etc.
The essay should have a strong introduction and thesis statement that presents the theme that will be discussed as well as an effective conclusion that sums up your main points.
Part Two: Poem
You will write one poem that are related to the theme selected above.  Whether you write one or several poems, you must be able to analyze what you have written and tell the audience what is going on in the poem.  For example, what symbols should the reader notice?