Operations Management Assignments

Operations Management Assignments

I.    Make a list of qualities you think an “operations manager” should have. Keep the list short (ten qualities or less) and  simple (a phrase or sentence for each). Type a line at the bottom of your list.
Go to the publishers website – http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0073377864/student_view0/chapter2/

Answer these questions briefly (word, phrase or sentence).
1. Does your list have the qualities required in the job listings?
a.  Count the number of times that one of the qualities on your list is found in an ad.
b. Add to your list qualities that occur in the ads that you feel are important but are not on your list. Do this below the line you’ve drawn.
2. Based on what you’ve absorbed so far, will Operations Management course:
–  Provide at least some of the qualities required for an ‘operations’ job?
– Prepare you to work effectively with operations?
– Why or why not? (in a few sentences).
3. Mark the qualities on your list with an asterisk, *, that you believe you have now.
4. Draw another line below what you’ve done. List other qualities/skills you believe would be necessary to work in or with operations.
Answer the questions to the point.

II.    Assessing Operations

Discuss these ideas (about assessing operations) from the 2 videos. Do you agree with the assessment of the operations-related problems that the world faces? Do you agree with the role presented for operations? If not how would you restate the issues and opportunities?  Outline in a few phrases or sentences what YOU would do and where you would do it. In phrasing your postings keep in mind that Ops Management has applications in all business areas – manufacturing, services, admin and more – in our country and throughout the world.

III.    Walt Disney is quoted as saying:
“ We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
Given the massive success of the Disney Company, what impact do you feel Walt Disney’s philosophy has had on the companies approach to using business research to advance the organization? You can discuss Disney Parks, Disney Media outlets, or Disney Motion Pictures.