Assessment Task-Scenario- Article for ‘Journal of Environmental Management for Sustainable Development’

The hypothetical journal above (Journal of Environmental Management for Sustainable Development) focuses on attracting writers who provide well-researched written pieces surrounding the issues related to that of Environmental Management for Sustainable Development. With regard to these articles, the writers focus on how such sustainability issues have an impact on organisations and their stakeholders. For the next edition of the journal you have been requested to write a piece for a supplement (IN REPORT FORM) which analyses the importance of oil and gas organisations acting in an ethical manner in order to ensure that they continuously achieve environmental management targets. You will be required to analyse how acting ethically impacts upon such organisations (finance, innovation,new technology, time etc..) and more importantly provide relevant recommendations of effective methods which can be used by oil and gas organisations to show that they act morally.

Report should include the following:
> A critical analyses of the various measures which oil and gas organisations can put in place to show concern of environmental management and sustainability issues relating to their business operation;
> Recommendations of what can be considered as more effective measures for strong environmental management activity which can be used;
> Analysis of how the activities of an oil and gas organisation will impact on shareholders, community, and customers;
> Discussion surrounding the future development and opportunity of alternative energy (what response should oil and gas organisations have and why)

Assignment Structure:
> Title page
A relevant title that reflects the main points of the report

> Table of Contents

> Introduction and Background
– The case context and the company
– What is the problem or the opportunity?
– what is the purpose of the proposal?
-what is the background of the problem or the opportunity?
-what are your sources of information?
-what is the scope of your proposal?
-what are the key terms that will be used in the proposal?