Explain the relationship among values, norms, and sanctions

Explain the relationship among values, norms, and sanctions

Paper instructions:
Looking at one of the theories studied in the CASE work, look at your social problem through the lens of one of these theories: Social Interactionism, Role Theory, or Social Constructionism.  Then answer the following questions.

Thinking about the article you used for Module 1, SLP, develop the discussion strictly in the terms used within your chosen theory.  For example, if you chose social interactionism, how have we develop meaning about this social problem from our social perspective?  How would someone experiencing the problem develop meaning about the problem?  Please develop this response in approximately 1 page or 400 words.

Choose another social theory, one not chosen in step two, and develop a reflection of how that sociological framework helps us to see problems?  Does Role theory help us look at this problem in a new light?  Does social Constructionism offer us unique insights?  Describe the social problem from another perspective in approximately 1 page or 400 words.

Assignment Expectations
Cite your sources inside your work and in a reference section.

You are expected to use SLP-related readings and background material to show how people are socialized into your organization.

In preparing your Module 2 SLP, you need to demonstrate your learning of the concepts outlined in the modular learning objectives.

Use section headings for each of the topics you address in your paper followed by a discussion of that topic