Article Review and Database Search – Writer’s Choice

Article Review and Database Search – Writer’s Choice

Paper details:
4 Sources to be Used: This are as follow:

BOOK: Human Resource Management, 13th Edition, Robert Mathis & John Jackson

ARTICLE INCLUDED: Tocher, N., Field, H.S., & Giles. W.F. (2006). Valuations of compensation and benefit items by new entrants into the professional workforce: Do men and women differ? Journal of Employment Counseling, 43 (2), 84-96.

ARTICLE INCLUDED: Wade, J.B., O’Reilly, III, C.A., & Pollock, T.G. (2006). Overpaid CEOs and underpaid managers: Fairness and executive compensation. Organization Science, 17 (5), 527-544.

ARTICLE INCLUDED: Grey-Bowen, Judith E., & McFarlane, Donovan A. (2010). Gender compensation discrimination: An exploration of gender compensation gap and the higher education connection. Journal of Business Studies Quarterly, 2.1, 65-82.

There are many perspectives to approaching compensation. The following articles provide additional perspectives than the text. You may consider this when making these important compensation decisions.

Read each article listed below and integrate the information from these sources. Submit a 2 page paper with any extra perspectives you received from these sources that was not provided in your textbook. This may include new information, new perspectives, and/or the value of research articles. Feel free to include additional information relevant to this topic.