Antwone Fisher

Antwone Fisher

The student will be able to demonstrate evaluation of HBSE theories/framework and the application of those theories to complete an analysis of a case study. The analysis of the case study will address the following life stages, childhood, youth and adulthood using the Alternative/Possible Perspectives on Individuals. You are not completing a biopsychosocial assessment but conducting an analysis of the theories. The focus for this assignment is ungirded in chapter 2 and chapter 6.

This assignment is worth 35 points — Six pages limit

The student will need to address each life phase as a subtopic within the report and

construct a response to the following questions in each life phase; childhood, youth and adulthood.

Example of assignment format: Childhood (respond to 6 questions); Youth (respond to 6 questions) and Adult (respond to 6 questions)

1).Identify the theory (s) or framework (s) you would select to assess Antwone in each phase: childhood, youth, and adulthood. 5 points

2).Explain the criteria that you used for selecting the theories or framework? Be specific, what does each offer in the way of understanding Antwone over the life course? 5 points

3).Identify the limitations of using the theory (s)/framework (s) to analyze Antwone and his social environment? 5 points

4).Describe how you are informed by the theories and by applying the theory (s)/framework(s) to each life phase. Provide clear examples of the theories and there assumptions about childhood, youth and adulthood. Describe your tentative assessment of Antwone given this information.10 points

5). Indicate what contribution the power point on trauma contributed to you analysis of Antwone . Be specific. 5 points

6).The student will need to provide examples from the movie to support your discussion. Remember when you select a theory/framework, you will need to articulate the concepts or assumptions of the theory as you see its application to the individual. 3 points

7).The report should be written as a paper using APA format and structure. 2 points