tomandchee in korean

tomandchee in korean

write tomandchee company(http://www.tomandchee.com). develop in korean. how they develop their business in Korean. we also need use  data and chart to analysis. other requirement I will post in sources. reference require.
International Business Feasibility Study:

Teams consisting of a maximum of 5 students will be formed by the instructor at the beginning of the semester. The teams will be asked to identify a foreign market for a single U.S. Corporation, chosen by the instructor, to invest in.  Your analysis should consider the following:

•    Brief overview of the company (i.e. what it makes or sells, when it was founded, number of employees, annual revenues/sales, any international sales or activities, etc.)

•    What is the motive for expanding into foreign markets.

•    Analysis of at least three alternative international expansion strategies (markets) for the company.

•    Justification of the chosen strategy from the alternatives.

•    Brief overview of the country or the region of interest andits demographics.

•    Thorough analysis of the focus country’s history, economic system, political system, social system, and legal issues as related to the effective management of the chosen corporation.

•    Using Hofstede’s model of cultural dimensions, Identify and analyse the cultural practices that are relevant for the success of the corporation in the host country.

•    Assess the current and the historical marketing practices in the host country and analyse the market opportunities available to the corporation in the host country.

•    Develop the hiring, training, retention, advancement, and compensation practices necessary for the success of the corporation in the host country.

•    Conduct a thorough financial analysis of the host country, i.e. the banking, currency,accounting practices, and foreign trade policies.

•    Develop the organizational structure necessary for the success of the corporation in the host country.

•    You may include additional attachments such as graphs or tables. Make sure to accurately cite your sources of information.

The project will require each team to give an in-class presentation of 40-50 minuteson the contents of the Business Feasibility Study. The format and activities chosen should be appropriate for the content of the information being presented. It should also be designed to facilitate learning on the part of your classmates observing the presentation. Be sure to include copies of any handouts that will be used in the presentation.

Your team will also submit theBusiness Feasibility Study paper at the time of the presentation.

Grading Criteria for the In-Class Presentation

Presentation Content                            30%
Visuals                                    20%
Delivery and Enthusiasm                        20%
Involvement of the class: questions, discussion, activities            20%
Response to Class Queries                        10%

TOTAL                                100%

Grading Criteria for the Business Feasibility Study Paper

Company Overview                        5%
Justification for International Expansion                10%
Country Overview                        10%
Cultural practices                        10%
Marketing practices and Market opportunities            10%
Human resource management practices                10%
Financial dimensions analysis of the host country        10%
Organizational structure                        10%
Alternative Strategies                        10%
Justification for the Chosen Strategy                10%
APA compliance/grammar/spelling/punctuation        5%

TOTAL                            100%