The Patriot

The Patriot

Select a movie that covers an historical topic or era and compare the storyline/characters/factual events with more objective historical records. I am thinking "The Patriot" would be a good movie if you can do it.


The movie review assignment is intended to challenge students to consider historical accuracy and the content depicted in a powerful art form – film.

The movie selected can include one made in any year, by any studio or television production company so long as the rating is “PG-13” or less (G, PG), was made for prime-time television, or holds an “NR” because it was produced before 1970. This category includes mini-series produced for television, movies based on novels, and those that are in the documentary style without actually being documentaries. Please Note — using authentic documentaries is not permissible.

The movie’s setting should be within the time period covered by the course and should be set in an historical period, rather than the present. In other words, the movie’s focus should take place in a setting sometime between 1400 and 1990.

The Review should include the following paragraphs:
One to two paragraphs providing the basic details of the movie selected, including date released, production company, actors, theme, and format (black & white, etc.).
One to two paragraphs providing details of the story line.
An analysis of 3 specific elements (a scene, a character or group, a location, etc.) and their historical accuracy, based on the information you possess from your textbook or other readings.
One paragraph or more that discusses why you think the movie remained either true to the historical record or veered into a less historically- accurate mode; and, what you thought of the movie, overall.
Write 2-3 pages in the format required (12 point Roman font, double spaced, etc.)
2. A paragraph or 2 about the movie itself
3. Synopsis of the story
4. Analyze 3 elements
5. Historical analysis paragraph or two