You are finally at the stage of the writing process where you will proofread and edit your paper for final submission. Do not turn in the rough draft of you paper that you submitted in Week 3. You will not get credit for the Final Product if you re-submit Week 3’s paper. The Final Product is meant to be an improved version of what you submitted previously. Remember, as you edit, you may find a better way to present your paper. This is a process, a way for you to learn new techniques to improve your writing.

Proofreading and editing is an important final part of the writing process. This is the part where you take a last look at your paper, and make it as good as it possible can be. Complete each of the following steps looking for ways to improve your paper. Remember, this is the time to find techniques that work for your writing style. Try as many as possible.

For some resources out of the eBook chapter 9 has a Process Diagram: Editing and Proofreading (page 118), and Checklist of Appropriate Manuscript Format (page 119).

The writing process – editing

The first time through:
Proofread your paper to make sure that it makes sense. Read the paper out loud. Does it flow smoothly?

Do you have a strong thesis statement? The reader should know in the first paragraph your stand on the issue.

In the body of your paper is there a logical flow to your argument? Do you have convincing arguments as well as strong evidence to defend your argument?

Do you have a strong conclusion in the final paragraph of your paper?
The second time through:
After you have proofread your paper check it for spelling and grammatical errors.

It is always a good idea to use the computer spell check program, however be aware that it will not pick up everything, and you need to manually check for errors.
The third time through:
Make sure that your paper is formatted in APA style. Read the final version of your paper, if you are happy with the finished piece, submit it in the Drop box.

Paper Requirements

•APA Formatting Use the template from Document Sharing. ?Cover page with your name, your instructor’s name, course ID, and assignment name.
?Minimum of three double spaced pages (1 page = approximately 300words)
?1 inch margins
?12 point Times New Roman or similar font
?At least two resources cited in your paper
?APA format for in-text citations
?A resource page using APA format for citations ?Remember that facts need citations.
?With at least two (2) sources used within your paper
?Use SHARC > Library Resources > ProQuest to find sources.