Order Description

You are required to read Tacitus’ Annales and write an 8-10 page paper answer four questions (about 2-2.5 pages per question).

The questions are

1. What are Tacitus’ reasons (both explicit and implicit) for writing the Annales?

2. What is Tacitus’ attitude regarding the empire and Roman imperialism?

3. Tacitus is frequently considered by scholars a Republican author. What do you think scholars mean by this and do you agree with this characterization?

4. Explain the role that Stoic ideas, Stoicism, and Stoic philsophers play in the Annales

To answer these questions effectively, each answer
1.Will have a clearly defined central idea or thesis.
2.Will provide adequate support (citations from the text) to your thesis and argument.
3.Will be organized clearly and logically.
4.Will show awareness of the conventions of standard written English.
5.Will be formatted or presented in an appropriate way.

The length of the paper will be 8-10 pages. All assignments must be typed, double spaced and 12 point Times New Roman font. Your essays must be clear, coherent, concise, and proofread. Your essays also must be analytical and argumentative. You are not required to use outside sources, but if you feel that in order to answer questions posed more fully, you may use any source available, provided that it has been properly vetted by professionals in the field. You may not use internet sources (except articles drawn from JSTOR) without my permission. Failure to abide by this will result in an F for the assignment. If you rely only on the primary source, you still must cite the text fully and correctly. All sources must be properly cited based on the Chicago Manual of Style.