Strategy of internaional Business

Strategy of internaional Business

Body: (Interdependence, competitive advantage, changing market)
Steer it towards your business
2 pages:
1.    What global trade looks like today (2015)?.. related to your product such as cars, energy etc.
2.    Regionalization

2 pages:
Reasons to become international? (Reactive, Proactive, internal, external factors) [Lecture 1]

4 Pages:
Market entry (example Vernon Product Life Cycle)
1.    What is your strategy?
2.    Discuss it
3.    Link the Strategy to your product (is it launching or emerging? )
4.    Key strategic decisions (Talk about the decision making done in the history for some companies that is related to your product)  >>> Not date history but decision making

3 pages:
Target Market
1.    Describe the country you entering in (mix PESTEL with customer behavior)
2.    Competitions
3.    Consumer Behavior
4.    Demand
5.    Risks (country risk & commercial risk)
6.    Techniques to be used SWOT analysis