Paper instructions:
From the Module 2 background page, under “Required Sources” click on the “Sociological Theory” link associated with wikibooks.org.  From there click on “Symbolic Interactionaism”, “Role Theory”, and “Social Constructionism”.  Read these links.  In a 3-4 page paper, approximately, 1,200 to 1,600 words, answer the following questions.

1.Describe Symbolic Interactionism.  Describe the value of a new care from the symbolic interactionist perspective.  Why does the car have meaning, and why is it important?
2.Describe Role Theory in general and then develop the ideas of what the limitations are with role theory as well as how people engage impression management.  What does it mean to manage impressions others have of you?  Do you manage your impressions?
3.Describe Social Constructionism.  Considering that humans have created systems, how would you describe economics from a social constructionist point of view?

Submit your 3-4 page paper.

Assignment Expectations

Cite your sources inside your work and in a reference section.

You are expected to use Case-related readings and background material to show whether or not organizations can be defined by their cultures.

In preparing your Module 2 Case, you need to demonstrate your learning of the concepts outlined in the modular learning objectives.