Sensation and Perception

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Sensation and Perception
respond to the following questions
1: Adaptation is a recurring theme in sensation and perception. Discuss adaptation to touch, temperature, and pain.

2: Discuss the place theory and the temporal theory of pitch perception, point out the problems with both theories, and illustrate ways in which they both contribute to pitch perception.

3: Decide how flavor is a multisensory experience. You should emphasize the chemical senses, but also draw on other senses. Use examples from your own life to illustrate these principles when you can.

4: A frequent issue in developmental psychology is the nature-nurture question. What would you conclude about the components of face and speech perception? What implications does your conclusion suggest for the development of language?

5: Compare the visual and auditory pathways in the brain, focusing on the nature of the information and its organization in each sensory system.