Project Management – Mechanical Engineering

Project Management  – Mechanical Engineering

Design a portable low cost system capable of using laser triangulation for 3D shape estimation and inspection of simple components.
Write a MATLAB code to process and analyse the images produced.
Manufacture a prototype, time permitting
Laser triangulation
‘A camera which is arranged at a known angle to the laser emitter records the images on the laser line and is subjected to deflection based on the geometry of the object.’
(source: http://www.stemmer-imaging.co.uk/en/knowledge-base/3d-machine-vision/ Last Accessed : 29/09/14)
One of the main conditions of for laser triangulation is that the object is moved relatively to both the laser and the camera.
Depending on the shape of the object there is a risk of the laser line being blocked by higher elements of the object, so the exact measurements sometimes cannot be detected; therefore this is one of the potential problems of laser triangulation, called shadowing