Philosophy of Human Person

Philosophy of Human Person

Directions: Answer just ONE of the following problems. Solutions should be, per

directions on the syllabus, one to two pages in length, double-spaced with a font size

no smaller than 10 and no larger than 12.

1. In the course of his dialogue with Euthyphro, Socrates articulates the nature of

the kind of account/definition he wants Euthyphro to produce concerning the pious

and the impious. What is Socrates’ positive account of the kind of definition he is

demanding and how do each of Euthyphro’s attempts to satisfy Socrates fail—or, do

all of his accounts fail?

2. Euthyphro’s own account of his act of prosecuting his father as just hinges on his

claim to have exact knowledge of the pious and impious, or the holy and the un-
holy. Presenting and critically analyzing his attempts to define piety, answer as to

whether or not his actions are just or morally proper.

Use the Plato – Five Dialogues