Nursing Education

Nursing Education

1.  READ the following:
•    Chapter 10: Child Health
•    Chapter 11: Communicable Diseases

2.  READ the following four (4) articles related to nursing education systems around the globe (Ireland, Kenya, Poland, China). CLICK on the PDF files.

•    O’Dwyer, P.  (2007). The educational preparation of nurses in Ireland. Nursing Education Perspectives, 28(3), 136-139. [PDF file]
•    Mule, G.K.  (1986). Nursing education in Kenya: Trends and innovations.  International Nursing Review, 33(3), 83-86. [PDF file]
•    Sztembis, B.  (2006). The past, present and future of nurse education in Poland: stages, conditions and activities. International Nursing Review, 53(2), 102-109. [PDF file]
•    Xu, Y., Xu, Z., & Zhang, J.  (2000). The nursing education system in the People’s Republic of China: Evolution, structure and reform. International Nursing Review, 47(4), 207-217. [PDF file]

3.   WRITE a 750 word paper CCOMPARE the nursing education systems of the two (2) of the countries in the above journal articles.  See the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for paper requirements and answering the following:

•    HEADING: Political History and Development of Nursing Education:  Comparison of [Selected Country] and [Selected Country]
o    Describe how the political history of the country influenced nursing education in your selected (2) countries. How did nursing education develop?

•    HEADING: Government and Nursing Organizations Influencing Nursing Education: Comparison of [Selected Country] and [Selected Country]
o    Which government agency(ies) or organizations influenced the training of nurses and how did the agency(ies) do that?  Did nursing organizations play a role?

•    HEADING: Current System of Nursing Education:  Comparison of [Selected Country] and [Selected Country]
o    According to the article, what is the current system for educating nurses in the selected counties?  Are there diploma (hospital-based) schools?  Has nursing education moved into university settings?  Is there a combination of nursing education programs (similar to U.S. system) to train nurses?

•    HEADING:  Post-Graduate (Masters) Education:  Comparison of [Selected Country] and [Selected Country]
o    Is post-graduate (masters) education for nurses available?

•    HEADING: Reflections on Nursing Education in [Selected Countries]
o    In conclusion, what surprised you about nursing education in the countries that you selected?