MKTG-125 Principles of Marketing

MKTG-125 Principles of Marketing

Please answer each question below with the best possible response.  You may use your notes, class handouts, class discussion notes, and the textbook.  You may use other resources such as on-line resources and reference material, however please be sure to properly cite your source. Your responses should be typed, double-spaced.

CHAPTER 1 – An overview of Strategic Marketing

1.    List the four marketing mix variables and describe the decisions and activities associated with each.

2.    What is meant by the term relationship marketing? How does relationship marketing affect the consumer?

CHAPTER 2 – Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Marketing Strategies

3.    Describe the process of strategic planning. How does this process help managers?

4.    Discuss the creation of a marketing plan. What are the components of a marketing plan? List and discuss.

CHAPTER 3 – The Marketing Environment

5.    Describe what is meant by a consumer’s buying power. How might this affect a marketing strategy?

6.    Why must marketers be aware of new developments in technology?

CHAPTER 4 – Social Responsibility and Ethics in Marketing

7.    Define ethics in marketing and discuss the important ethical issues in marketing (at least 3).

8.    How can a code of conduct encourage ethical behavior in an organization?

CHAPTER 5 – Marketing Research and Information Systems

9.    What are the five steps in the marketing research process? Define and briefly discuss the importance of each one.

10.    What is the difference between exploratory and conclusive research? Give an example of each.

CHAPTER 6 – Target Markets

11.    What are the major steps of the target market selection process?  Discuss each step

12.    What are demographics and why do marketers rely heavily on demographic characteristics when segmenting consumer markets?