Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

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Select two business-related articles from a business publication dated between 7/7/14-7/15/15. These articles must be related to some aspects of the Marketing Strategy class; specifically, identify a company, its challenges and how they’re dealing with their business issues from a strategy standpoint. Specific assignment details are below.

Show your name and provide a citation including the title, page number, and date of the business publication at the beginning of each article.

Provide a short synopsis of each article you have selected to critique. Show specifically how each article you have selected relates to the concept(s) or topic(s) covered in our course (Marketing Strategy). These concepts must be explicitly identified. Provide your own analysis or evaluation of the situation described in each article. Your ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate the information presented in the articles reflects directly the quality of your critiques.

The paper must be typewritten in single space and in letter-quality print. There is a one-page limit per critique. Please use a 12 point font. The normal standards for writing a paper apply. Your grade on this assignment will be partly a reflection of your attention to details: grammar, amount of typos, sentence structure, etc… Plagiarism will result in a zero score on this assignment.

The identified articles must be relevant to what we’ve been discussing in class. Your project should apply concepts we’ve discussed since Project 1.