legal outcomes

legal outcomes

The full question is :
Audrey marries Brerim. They have three children, Charles (14), Diana (12) and Ephraim (10).

One morning Brerim wakes up late for work. He rushes downstairs to the kitchen to find that Audrey has not prepared his breakfast. In a rage he runs upstairs shouting “I’m going to teach you a lesson you will never forget!” and grabs Audrey. He pulls her downstairs by her hair, not caring that she has fallen and is bumping her back on each and every stone step. He screams abuse at her and punches her in the left eye and his wedding ring cuts the skin on her eyelid. Upon leaving the house he orders her to wear sunglasses to ‘cover that mess on her face’.

Audrey clears up the mess caused by the fight and then goes to wake Diana. Diana eventually wanders downstairs and Audrey said, “I thought you were going to prepare your fathers breakfast?” Diana put on her ipod earphones and then took her phone out of her pocket and continued to text her friends. Audrey pulls the phone away from Diana and Diana immediately starts to complain and criticise her mother. Audrey loses her temper and slaps Diana round the face leaving a bruise on her cheek in the shape of a handprint.

Her two sons, hearing the noise come down to investigate. Ephraim hides behind Diana but witnesses his mother smack Charles round the head and Charles fall and hit his head on the corner of the kitchen table. Charles loses consciousness for a few moments but then gets up again.

Audrey sends all of the children to school. She is not interested in the fact that they have not had any breakfast.