James Joyce “The Dead”

James Joyce “The Dead”

Jame Joyce “the dead”
Remember to 1) Give examples and 2)cite page#’s

1. Characterize the following, including physical and emotional attributes.

Garbriel conroy
Gretta conroy
Molly Ivors
Freddy malins
Mr. Browne

2. What is the role the morkin sisters and their niece played in Dublin? In other words, what is their social status? Their “occupations”? Their role in the community?

3.”the dead” has several explicit and veiled references to England; note at least three of these references.

4. The short story also has many references to Irish nationalism, including those alluding to the west; note three of these references.

5. Is Gabriel’s speech a success? Explain your answer.

6. Describe how Gabriel feels on the way to the hotel: what is his mood? What are his desire?

7. When they arrive at the hotel, Gabriel and Gretta are in different mind sets; what has caused Gretta’s focus on the past?

8. In two to three sentences, explain in your opinion the meaning of the very last paragraph of the story.

9. Note two ways in which this story is reflective of modernism; be specific and provide examples.