Individual Assignment –report with qualitative analysis

Individual Assignment –report with qualitative analysis

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ndividual Assignment –report with qualitative analysis (100%)
This assignment requires that you perform individually a small inductive/GT analysis,
using qualitative material (e.g.:interviews, political speeches, reports, laws/rules,
other.). The analysis should follow the recommendations of one of these authors: Miles & Huberman (1994/2013) OR Strauss & Corbin (1990/1998/2015) OR Gioia et al (2013). Is is mandatory to do a 1st order and 2nd order analysis (either open coding and axial coding if you follow Strauss & Corbin; either 1storder and 2nd order coding if you follow Gioia).
The data (sample) to be analyzed should include at least the equivalent to 5 pages of text and no more than 10 pages.

Mandatory Elements
The introduction should include: Topic/theme, research problem, main theoretical
framework; Identify the objective(s) of the inductive analysis; brief justification for the
use of an inductive analysis.
2. Research context and Methodology
2.1 Data collection
Characterize the data collection according to the recommendations of the author(s) you are following.
2.2 Data analysis
Characterize the data analysis procedure according to the recommendations of the author(s) you are following. The development of categories has to be open/inductive and the analysis may be done by “hand” or using a software.
3. Findings
This part should include: at least one table or figure; the description of the results; examples of representative quotes for 1st and 2nd order codes and the
interpretation/discussion of the results.
Here you should present a critical perspective on the research conducted highlighting the contributions and limitations and presenting suggestions for future studies.
Include in an annex the material (data) that was analyzed and examples of the data codification main procedures and at least some Memos.
you can used Atlas.Ti or MaxQDA you should attach a copy of the coding analysis you did with the software.

Mandatory References
Gioia, D., Corley, K.G., & Hamilton, A.L. (2013). Seeking Qualitative Rigor in Inductive Research: Notes on
the Gioia Methodology. Organizational Research Methods, Volume 16 (1), p. 15-31.
Miles, M.B., & Huberman, A.M. (1994). Qualitative data analysis: An expanded sourcebook. Thousand
Oaks, CA: Sage.
Miles, M.B., Huberman, A.M. & Saldaña, J.M. (2013). Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourcebook.
SAGE Publications.
Strauss, A. & Corbin, J. (1990/1998/2015). Basics of Qualitative Research. Techniques and Procedures for developing Grounded Theory. Thousand Oaks: Sage

Report format
The report should comply with the following format:
Size: between 10 and 15 pages (excluding references and annexes);
Font type and size: Arial 11 or Times New Roman 12, or equivalent;
Line spacing: 1.5 between lines and Standard/Normal Margins

dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bbqwqsx2ov9ypv6/AABeJQYMQvBVOWI6piV07gsBa?dl=0