Here are the objectives to use:

Here are the objectives to use:

1. To assist in the development and evaluation of

students’ techniques in interviewing, history taking, family systems, and physical examination ofa patient.

2. To describe bio-psycho-social and cultural issues related to health assessment.

3. To analyze the nurse faculty role through instruction within the context of health assessment during a resident intensive summer experience (RISE).

4. Apply teaching-learning theories and strategies with understanding ofthe nursing faculty role to the health assessment exercise during a resident intensive summer experience (RISE).

Develop a written plan in the form ofa scholarly paperforteaching two or more ofthe activities described above. The student will incorporate a pedagogically-sound teaching plan by incorporating conceptual knowledge from a teaching-learning theory ofthe student’s choosing to develop usable classroom activities forthe subject matter being taught.

write exceptionally. This is a Nursing Education practicum. I went around assisting student with their activities teaching them health assessment techniques and answering questions related to what to expect in the graduate education future as Ive been in their place and prepared to graduate.