Government and Education

Government and Education

Consider this prompt: What role should the government play in education? Should education be left solely up to the state and local agencies? How do we then ensure educational equity?

The paper should answer the prompt with a with an obvious stance and well-backed opinion. Start with a paragraph with an abstract sentence, stating a position, and a summary of supporting points. This paper should consist of well supported opinion, with occasional citation of other sources, all dictated at a college level of writing.

You will need to outline the government’s responsibility to educate its future leaders in order to secure America’s future, and that America needs to make sure most of its population has a minimum education. Also, research the current federal and state roles in American education, (ie: No Child Left Behing Act) and the benefits/drawbacks of local/state management of education? Ponder the issue of equity in education within the paper, considering certain races outperforming others, special education students who are left behind, and unequal school funding from local property taxes.

Conclude with a summary of the paper.

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