Film Analysis – Movie name “The Last Castle”

Film Analysis – Movie name “The Last Castle”

Please adhere to the following format guidelines:

o Use MLA formatting.
o This paper should be double spaced,12 point Times New Roman or Arial font ,with standard
1? margins.
o Each paper should include a Works Cited page. See instructions for the individual sections
as to the number of sources. You may use the same source for more than one section
of the paper.
o You should include in -text citations in your papers as appropriate in MLA format.
o All page limits DO NOT include cover pages or Works Cited pages.
o Note that these are papers like any other, so you should be conscious of the conventions of
good writing. Each paper should include:
o An introduction with a thesis statement o Several body paragraphs
o A conclusion
o General grading criteria for all papers include the items below. Each paper will also have specific grading criteria appropriate to that assignment:
o Grammar and punctuation
o Organization and communication of ideas
o Use of MLA style
o Appropriate use of source material, including in-text citations

Part 1-Film Overview : A 2 page paper. In this paper you will:
o Provide a summary of the film you have selected.
o Describe the connections to leadership that you see within the plot.
o If possible, identify the leadership theory you plan to utilize in future papers to
analyze and critique the film.
o Utilize 2-3 sources minimum for your summary. These can be popular sources, such
as film reviews, entertainment articles, etc., as well as scholarly sources.
?? Again, remember you should use appropriate in-text MLA citations and a
Works Cited page.
o Due via TurnItIn link found in Moodle (under Assignments in this module) by midnight at the end of Module 2.

Part 2-Summary of Leadership Theory: A 3 page paper. In this paper you will:
o Provide a summary of the leadership theory or theories you are applying to this film.
o This should include relevant scholarly literature about your selected leadership
theories. Use the database of journals through the Marietta College library website
to locate scholarly sources rather than a basic web search.
o Utilize at least 3-4 scholarly sources?and include appropriate in-text citations and a
Works Cited using MLA format.

Part 3-Application of Theory to Film (100 points): A 5 page paper.
o In this paper you will be actively applying what you have learned about leadership
through the lens of a specific leadership theory or model to the actual film.
o Please use specific examples from the film where appropriate. Discuss how this
example illustrates some aspect of the theory.
o If you see some aspect of a theory being challenged by the events of the film,you
may discuss these as well.
o An analysis of the film utilizing the chosen leadership theory

o Grading criteria
?? Reasoning-your specific application of leadership concepts and rhetorical criticism techniques in order to analyze the film. (Part 4)
?? Depth of analysis-using compelling examples from the film to illustrate your points.