Faith and Integration – Forum 3 Replies

Faith and Integration – Forum 3 Replies

Post a substantive reply to the thread to the two (2) Student responses below.

A substantive reply includes at least 100 words analyzing the initial thread as well as adding to the research and concepts put forth in that thread. The goal is to create meaningful discussion. To simply restate the idea already put forth or to concur with the first reply is not adding substantial discussion.

What are your thoughts and responses to the student posts and how it relates to this course (International Business)?

Student 1 – (Brandon Robson)

In the work place you see it all the time. It’s sad, but it’s true.  Everyone wants to live a better life and some will do what they need to even if it isn’t ethical or doesn’t follow the Gospel.  I can’t say it is always easy to live for Christ, especially when there is an opportunity to increase the income coming into your house hold.  Some people it becomes a second nature for them just because of the company you work for.  Companies are always competing with one another, like banks.  I’m going to use this example Because I use to work for one.  I see banks as unethical in living for Christ because they compete by selling products to people. Some people need the products we sell and most can still live their everyday lives without the products we sell. But I first got into the bank I was assuming we helped people financially. We do what we can to help someone manage his or her money.  Not the case, started out that way and not sure when it changed but it did and I wasn’t happy.  The bank made us start arm twisting people into applying for products that has interests on it.  The banks changed their policies so that customers had to get approved for some line of credit to avoid fees on their checking accounts.  Like I said most people don’t need credit cards or premier lines to live better.  Most people I would talk to if I did had no idea what I was selling them and I would feel bad.  The bank promotes those who can sell things without seeing the consequence it will lead for that customer.  I wasn’t trying to sell to everyone only those I feel could really use the products and well I stayed in my position for a while.  Now I can say that not all people that are promoted sell what ever to who ever without question. I have come across those who will bend over backwards for these customers and do things to help them even if it may cost their jobs.  I use the bank as an example because they will always be in our lives. I feel everyone should have an account somewhere.  Its like a doctor you have to be able to know you can trust the bank you go to.  And I just felt that we weren’t living through Christ when we would sell to those who products made lives worse than they had.  We worked unethically as a whole.  But it’s hard for business men and women to live the life of the Gospel if your working for a company that doesn’t.

Student 2 – (Heidi Fernandez)

Our actions speak more than our words. This is especially true when we are dealing in our day-to-day activities, especially in our work. The Apostle Paul on Philippians 1: 20-21; 27 20 is asking us to conduct ourselves in a way that we give testimony of who Christ is with our actions. If in our businesses or day-to-day activities we don’t have Christian standards to go by we can easily fall into situations of not acting with God’s standards of honesty and Christian ethics.
When dealing in a third world country, the areas of ethics and honesty is very difficult because many times a person is going against how the people operate in that culture. For example, in a third world country it is very common to give bribes to get things done in a timely manner specially with government agencies, but in a Christian standard giving a bribe is being dishonest (1 Samuel 8:3). We need to remember that we are to reflect Christ in our actions and even if that puts us in a disadvantage with others, at the end God will honor our conduct and he will reward our obedience. Our standards need to be set according to the Bible specially when doing business in a foreign country where the values that we hold as Christians may be very different from the countries where we are doing business.
We can be of great impact in a person’s life if they see us doing business with honesty and not being part of the corruption. In 2 Timothy 2:15 it says “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” If we are Christians, we need to keep in mind that we are representing Christ and His church in all we do.