Essay answering different questions based on different texts and stories ; read order instructions for full detail(s) Instructions:

Essay answering different questions based on different texts and stories ; read order instructions for full detail(s)

Please choose one of the topics below. Be sure to USE AT LEAST THREE external resources to support your ideas. You are responsible for titling this essay. Do not simply refer to it as a generic essay. You are required to use MLA formatting. Please follow this link for the MLA formatting https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/

This question below must be answered in full detail with all of the texts incorporated including the documentary. Please do thorough research and do not leave anything out. It must be 12 sz font times new roman double spaced and don’t forget that the use of at least 3 external sources is neccessary. I picked 5 pages which is 1250 words but it can be 1200 words that’s enough as long as everything is answered.

The concept of freedom and agency, one’s capacity to make choices, are important in The Interesting Narrative of Ouladah Equino by Olaudah Equino, Narrative of a Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave by Frederick Douglass, and the documentary Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson by Ken Burns. How did these men actualize their dreams despite the rigid social hierarchy of their time? What characteristics did they possess to remain focused on their goals of freedom and self-actualization? What support helped them progress in their lifetime? How did they transform their time? Research of the historical setting and biography are required to situate this essay.

Please make sure that the thesis is:
Easily identifiable, plausible, novel, sophisticated, insightful, crystal clear.

Make sure that the structure is: Evident, understandable, appropriate for thesis. Excellent transitions from point to point. Paragraphs support solid topic sentences.

Make sure that the use of evidence is: Primary and secondary source information incorporated to buttress every point. Examples support thesis and fit within paragraph. Excellent integration of quoted material into sentences. Factual information is incorporated.
Make sure logic and argumentation: All ideas flow logically; the argument is identifiable, reasonable, and sound. Author anticipates and successfully defuses counter-arguments; makes novel connections which illuminate thesis
Make sure mechanics is : Language is clearly organized. Correct word usage, punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar; correct citation of sources; minimal to no spelling errors; absolutely no run-on sentences or comma splices.