Do you think “ethics” have changed over time? If so, please explain how they’ve changed and why.

Do you think “ethics” have changed over time? If so, please explain how they’ve changed and why.

2.Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

The Human Resource Information System is software that contains the data information of all employees of a particular company or organization. It is mainly used by the human resource management department and the accounting department.
The Human Resource Information System is mainly effective if it contains the below information;  position of the employee, his attendance behavior, training received/qualification, pay grade, personal information like marital status, next of kin, discipline portrayed at work and if he has ever been disciplined for any wrong doing and finally his/her track record in the organization. The above information will be vital for the top management and it will make work easier for them in case of decision making. (Baum, 2011)
Currently there are different types of software available in the market, they come in different configurations, while others can conduct business online as a software as a service system others are hard coded, they are installed locally on a computer at the business office. For a company that want to compete adequately in this current developed century, I would recommend the HarrisData Human Resource Information System,  this is because it is upgraded with the current technological functions that is always important for the top management to know,  functions like; property tracking, benefit tracking, automatic accruals and the main one that beats all the rest is the ability to facilitate the flow of information in real time,  its security is also of high technology and it is not easy to interfere with the information in the system. (Baum, 2011)
With development in technology companies are now moving away from the manual system of record keeping to the Human Resource Information Systems that is real time and able to save both time and money for their organizations.

Do you know of any companies that are currently using the HarrisData system? Does their website provide any testimonials or pricing information?

3.I would recommend for the human resource information system that you use a manual system for a smaller company and for a company that is larger than 20 workers I recommend that you use a packaged system. The manual system includes purchasing a disc with a large number of the forms that you will need everyday, but everything must be done by hand. This will be easier to use if there is a limited number of employees. The packaged system includes software that keeps track of all these forms along with payroll, and absences. For a larger firm this would be easier than trying to manually enter all of this inform, it also allows for more time for the human resource manager to have with the employees, so they can deal with any complaints or just be working on ways to stop issues before they begin.
The obvious more preferable choice would be the packaged system, but because of the cost of the system, it would not be suitable for all businesses.

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