Order Description

Provide a description of the case you will be researching. Then, find at least six scholarly sources that are connected with the case-related content that you will be using to complete your Final Paper.
please make sure this is done (Provide an annotated bibliography of these six (or more) sources.)

APA formatted citation
A description of the article:
What does it address?
What were the outcomes or conclusions?
How does this apply to your case study analysis?
Does it provide insights into an ethical concept?
Is it a similar case to the one you are analyzing?
Does it offer suggestions from best practices in ethical decision making?

Scenario No. 2: DNR
Project Assignment: Review your State (Texas) Government’s website and search for its official Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Form. Along with the form will be information and instructions regarding the form. In addition, research three area hospitals( (MD Anderson Cancer Center Hospital, Memorial Hermann hospital, Texas Children’s hospital ) to determine if they provide separate DNR forms. Then, perform additional research regarding DNR and prepare your Final Paper by analyzing the issues through these steps:

Analyze the requirements of your State Government’s DNR.
Identify the requirements of the three hospital’s DNRs.
Examine the differences and similarities between the state’s and the three hospital’s DNR (MD Anderson Cancer Center Hospital, Memorial hermann hospital, Texas Children’s hospital ) requirements, and address the following questions:
What are they?
Which one should you follow?
Explain how a DNR is applied if a patient is under hospice care and EMTs are called.