Discussion 1-2

Discussion 1-2

Discussion Question 1

Interview someone who works in the field of your major, a local business, or research using the Internet about the use of Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint in a specific business. In your response include the following:

The person and/or type of work using the Microsoft Office application.
How the MS application is used?
What advantages does the application provide?
Are there any drawbacks to using this application?
What other ways can MS Office applications be used in this particular line of work?

Discussion Question 2

Excel is a great help with calculations which are completed using formulas. Remember, by typing an equal sign (=) into a cell, you are preparing Excel to do a formula calculation. Refresh your memory on the use of formulas from this week’s readings in the textbook and the online lectures.

For this assignment, you will think of a situation at home, work or even a hobby or sport for which you could use a calculation and create a formula to solve a problem.

Open a spreadsheet in MS Excel and create your formula. Make sure you label components of your spreadsheet.
Save your spreadsheet and name it W4_A1_Lastname_Firstname.xls. Attach your spreadsheet with the formula to your Discussion Question 2 response.
In the Discussion Area, describe the purpose of your formula and how it will help solve the problem it was designed to address. Share any challenges you had, too.

In your discussion with your classmates, include any helpful comments and let them know how you might benefit from the formulas they have created.

In your discussion with your classmates, comment on similarities and differences in how MS Office applications are used. Offer suggestions for other or better ways they could be applied.