Covering the Basics

Covering the Basics

Section 2: Covering the Basics

Now that you?ve learned your way around Northcentral and developed a plan to manage our course workload , it?s time to get down to the basics and try out some of the tasks that you will be asked to accomplish as a Doctoral Student. This is the time to identify your strengths and pinpoint those tasks you?ll find challenging. Your Faculty will work closely with you to build on those strengths, face the challenges, and create a foundation for you to reach your full potential.

Assignment 6 Preparing an Annotated Bibliography

During your educational journey, you?ll be doing a great amount of reading of texts and of journal articles, and reading these takes time. We?ve compiled some resources to help you make the most of your reading time (remember: you are becoming a time management expert, knowing how to read scholarly resources effectively will save you time!). What you read now will be of use to you in later stages in your education, and maybe even in your career. Now it?s time to learn how to record that information in a concise way, a way that gives you the maximum information with the minimum effort! In this activity you will improve your skills in reading complex material and learn how to write an Annotated Bibliography. You will continue to add to your Annotated Bibliography throughout your program and when you begin your dissertation courses, you should have anywhere from 100-200 entries. By the way, develop a habit now of backing up your work often on a CD, external memory device, or web-based data saving service. Computer losses of data do and will happen!