Chapter 10 question and comments

Chapter 10 question and comments

Project description
It’s not assignment, it’s only answer questions and write comments.
see attachments.
please Answer first three questions and write comments for number 4 and 5.
Also, please put number on top for every answer, like what i did in the file.
2.Each response must be at least one paragraph (four or more sentences).
3.Your responses need to be thoughtful, insightful and well-crafted. Your response might include a viewp01oint, personal experience, question or something else thought provoking that will stimulate further discussion.
4.Each response needs to be of high quality that adds value to the discussion. High quality is described in the previous item (#3).
5.The response needs to relate to an issue from the assigned readings.

Complete the self assessment: What’s my face to face communication style?  It can be found in the Content section in the Chapter 10 folder.  Reflect on your assessment and tell us what might have surprised you.  Explain what you are most pleased about in terms of your communication style?  What are one or two things you might do that can help you improve your communication style?
Complete the self assessment: How good are my listening skills?  It can be found in the Content section in the Chapter 10 folder.  Reflect on your assessment and tell us what might have surprised you.  Are you as good a listener as you thought you were?  What kind of things can you do to improve your listening skills?

I have nothing much to say about the topic I have chosen to discuss upon but while taking self-assessment tests on listening and communication skills, one question which came up in my mind was Have Smartphones Changed Communication? Have we started talking more to strangers? We often don’t prefer face to face communication with stranger but how we start the conversation with people we don’t know on WhatsApp or Facebook Messangers?

All my scores are positive except for being open and relaxed while communicating and this is what I expected to come out. The only surprising thing was my high score in contentious category which I didn’t know how I fall into. I shall stop myself from getting into a heated conversation about anything. Rest all is much acceptable as I was sure of that and the scores proved it right. I shall improve my skills and try to be relaxed while communicating so that I can handle the situations easily. I shall think of opening my mind in front of others and sharing my feelings and emotions as it can facilitate them to do the same without any hesitation. Using gestures sometimes can prove to be hazardous so I will be careful while using them so it doesn’t looks like animated. I can prove myself to be a good listener by expressing admiration for others and it also make them believe that I am attentively listening to what they are saying.

I scored 46 in the test and the thing which surprised me the most is that I can connect myself with most of the questions or rather say all of them as they are the things I generally don’t take care of while listening to someone. I thought of myself to be a good listener but after evaluating I got to know that I am just average in my listening skills. So in order to improve my listening skills, I would change my habit of responding immediately as the conversation is finished and will first analyze the whole situation and then respond. I would try my level best to understand the other’s viewp01oint before making my own interpretation. Many a times I know what I am going to listen but I will surely stop expecting what to listen and would rather listen to what is said. Then I believe I can prove to be a good listener.

II.A.I: What’s My Face-to-Face Communication Style?
Respond to the 45 statements using the following scale:
+2 = Strongly agree
+1 = Agree
0 = Neither agree or disagree
-1 = Disagree
-2 = Strongly disagree
1. I am comfortable with all varieties of people. +2 +1 0
2. I laugh easily. +2 +1 0
3. I readily express admiration for others. +2 +1 0
4. What I say usually leaves an impression on people. +2 +1 0
S. I leave people with an impression of me which
they definitely tend to remember. +2 +1 0
6. To be friendly, I habitually acknowledge verbally
other‘s contributions. +2 +1 0
7. I have some nerVOus mannerisms in my speech. . +2 +1 0
8. I am a very relaxed communicator. +2 +1 0
9. When I disagree with somebody, I am very
quick to challenge them. +2 +1 0
10. I can always repeat back to a person exactly
what was meant. +2 +1 0
11. The sound of my voice is very easy to recognize. ‘ +2 +1 0
12. I leave a definite impression on people. +2 +1 0
13. The rhythm or flow of my speech is sometimes
affected by nervousness. _ +2 +1 0
14. Under pressure I come across as a relaxed speaker. +2 +1 0
15. My eyes reflect exactly what I am feeling when
I communicate. +2 H 0
16. I dramatize a lot. +2 +1 0
17. Usually, I deliberately react in such a way that
peeple know that I am listening to them. +2 +1 0
18. Usually, I do not tell people much about myself
until I get to know them well. +2 +1 0
l9. Regularly, I tell jokes, anecdotes, and stories
when I communicate. +2 +1 0
20. I tend to constantly gesture when I communicate. +2 +1 0
21. I am an extremely open communicator. +2 +1 0
22. I am vocally a loud communicator. +2 +1 0
23. In arguments I insist upbn very precise definitions. +2 +1 0 5
24. In most social situations I generally speak very
frequently. +2 +1 0
25. I like to be strictly accurate when I communicate. +2 +1 0
26. Because I have a loud voice, I can easily break