Binary Search Tree Assignment

Binary Search Tree Assignment

Project description

To gain experience with Binary Search Trees by building your own Link List..

1.Explain the purpose of the program as detail as possible – 13%.
2.Develop a solution for the problem and mention algorithms to be used -16%
3.List data structures to be used in solution. – 5%.
4.Give a description of how to use the program and expected input/output – 5%
5.Explain the purpose of each class you develop in the program. – 5%.
1.For each method, give the pre and post conditions and invariant, if any – 10%
2.Program execution according to the requirements given 36%
3.Naming of program as required 5%
4.Print out of source code 5%
Description of Program
You are to write a program name BSTree.java that will:
1.Generate 50 random integer numbers ranging from 1 99.
2.Store these numbers in a data structure of your choice and display the data on the screen. DO NOT SORT THESE NUMBERS.
3.Now build a Binary Search Tree using this set of numbers start from the first number and progressively insert these numbers into the Binary Search Tree.
4.After building the tree, use an infix recursive method to display the data on the screen.
5.To build the Binary Search Tree, you must create your own Link List by writing a Link_list.java class..

What to turn in

If you are using not using Netneans, turn in the BSTree.java, Link_list.java, BStree.class and Link_list.class and of course any other files you may write.
If you are using Netbeans, turn in the BSTree.java, Link_list.java (and any other .java files you may have written) and BSTree.jar. Also turn in listings (hard copies) of all source code. Please mark your name prominently on the disk and listings. You must put the program name, your name, the course number (CSC 3410) and the date at the beginning of the program.