A cross-cultural study of speech act realization patterns (apologies) by Saudi and Irish females

A cross-cultural study of speech act realization patterns (apologies) by Saudi and Irish females

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in this Result section you have to analyze the data of apologizing strategies among NATIVE Irish speaker (15 participants) and Non-Native Saudi speaker (15 participants),The data in this study were collected through a Discourse Completion Test
the questionnaire consisted of 10fixed discourse situations,
please follow the instructions in a very simple language and use ur own words as below:
1) The analysis should be based on Cohen and Olshtain (1981) and Olshtain and Cohen (1983), as well as on the CCSARP coding manual (Blum-Kulka et al., 1989).
2)follow the apologizing strategies and choose these 6 strategies:

1:Illocutionary Force Indicating Devices (IFIDs)
a. An expression of regret, e.g. I’m sorry
b. An offer of apology, e.g. I apologize
c. A request for forgiveness, e.g. Excuse me/Forgive me/ Pardon me
2:Explanation or Account
Any external mitigating circumstances, ‘Objective’ reasons for the violation, e.g. The traffic was terrible
3:Taking on responsibility
a. Explicit self-blame, e.g. It is my fault/ my mistake
b. Lack of intent, e.g. I didn’t mean it
c. Expression of self-deficiency, e.g. I was confused/ I didn’t see you/ I forgot
d. Expression of Embarrassment, e.g. I feel awful about it
e. Self- dispraise, e.g. I’m such a dimwit!
f.Justify hearer, e.g. You’re right to be angry g. 3:Refusal to acknowledge guilt
Denial of responsibility, e.g. It wasn’t my fault
4:Blame the hearer, e.g. It’s your own fault
Pretend to be offended, e.g. I’m the one to be offended
5:Concern for the hearer, e.g. I hope I didn’t upset you/ Are you all right? Offer of Repair, e.g. I’ll pay for damage
6:Promise of Forbearance, e.g. It won’t happen again

3) Explain each strategy of the apologize and categories them in tables depend on the participants answers.
4) Note , write in very simple language, the references should be with the number page.