a. Critical evaluation paper

a.    Critical evaluation paper: Students will prepare a narrative evaluation of a selected research article.  Although other sources may be approved, preference is for articles in peer-reviewed journals in the library or full-text articles through UWA Library Online services. If an online article is used, include sufficient citation for the instructor to locate the article on the Internet. The submission must include a copy, or link to the article itself. It is expected that the assignment will be approximately eight paragraphs in length. A guideline for the evaluation is stated in the Rubric below.
Satisfactory    Unsatisfactory
Introductory Section: Part 1
(typically one paragraph)     general problem area as reported by authors is identified and its adequacy is evaluated    general problem area (if in article) is not identified or evaluation is insufficient
Introductory Section: Part 2
(typically one paragraph)     lit review and bias indicators considered and appropriately evaluated    lit review or bias not considered and/or not appropriately evaluated
Introductory Section: Part 3
(typically one paragraph)     specific objectives or hypotheses reported in study are identified and evaluated for form/clarity    specific objectives or hypotheses are not identified or are not sufficiently evaluated
Sampling Procedures
(typically one paragraph)    selection techniques and representativeness considered and appropriately evaluated     selection techniques or representativeness not considered and/or not appropriately evaluated
Measurement Procedures
(typically one paragraph)    tools evaluated for quality/relevance to the study    insufficient evaluation of measurement tools
Research Design
(typically one paragraph)    type, relevance, and sufficient detail for replication considered and appropriately evaluated    type, relevance, or detail not considered and/or not appropriately evaluated
Results and Conclusions
(typically one paragraph)    appropriate evaluation of extent to which conclusions supported by results, including appropriate statistical inferences (if relevant)    insufficient evaluation of relationship between results and conclusions
Overall Evaluation of Research Study
(typically one paragraph)    relevance for practice identified, including weaknesses in study (if any)    weaknesses or practice relevance not considered and/or identified
Source    Peer-Reviewed Journal or refereed online     newspaper, book, magazine, handout
Your Paper    grammatically correct, without spelling errors, word processed double-spaced, APA style    one or more of the criteria for satisfactory not evident