Employment Law Compliance Plan – Landslide Limousines

You work for Atwood and Allen Consulting. Your manager, Traci Goldeman, has tasked you with developing an employment law compliance plan for a new client. The new client’s name is Bradley Stonefield. Mr. Stonefield is opening and will be operating a limousine service in Austin, Texas. He will name it Landslide Limousines, and focus on providing first-class transportation. He plans to have 25 employees within the first year.

Write an employment law compliance plan for Landslide Limousines.

First, research applicable employment laws for Austin, Texas.
Second, research enforcement and consequences of noncompliance with said laws.
Third, identify the most relevant employment laws your client must be concerned about to create an employment law compliance plan.

At a minimum, the employment law compliance plan should include:
Required elements:
– At least four employment laws
– Assignment should be in memo format
– Cite all appropriate research used
– No more than 1400 words
– A brief summary of each law and the consequences of noncompliance with those laws.