trapped on a desert island

trapped on a desert island

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Informal Presentation #1

For this assignment you will create a 3- to 4-minute presentation based on the following situation.  Imagine you are trapped on a desert island.  You have a video camera and plenty of food and water.  In fact, you have no desire to leave.  It would be nice, however, to have a few extra items.  Craft a presentation (video) asking whoever finds it to bring you three objects.  Explain what these three objects are and why they mean so much to you.  You will be graded on the following points:  delivery (including voice and eye contact); organization (properly-formatted outline with an introduction, main points, and conclusion); creativity (you may want to incorporate a visual aid into your presentation, but it’s not required); and staying within the time limit (you will be deducted one point for every 30 seconds under or over the time limit).

No reference material is required for this speech.  If you do borrow outside sources, however, these must be cited on your outline in APA or MLA format.  You must also include a reference page with your outline if you cite any outside material.

Remember, you must be standing when delivering this speech with the camera focused on you from the waist up.

You may use your outline or note cards when speaking, but only if you prepare them using key words or main points.  Do not write out your speech word-for-word when presenting.  This will affect your eye contact.  I will be able to tell the difference between a presentation that’s spoken as opposed to a presentation that’s read.

Please follow the outline format that I posted as “Sample Outline” on eCampus under “Course Content”.

Email your final outline to me at either my @mail or @mix account; then upload the video to Seelio (do both of these requirements before 11:59 pm the night of Sunday, July 12th).