Topic: the power of timing

Topic: the power of timing

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write about the impact of timing on breast cancer awareness campaign in Saudi arabia and how its to running a campaign when other campaigns running..


Achieving success in breast cancer awareness campaigns demands a combination of several factors. Timing is probably one of the most significant of all these factors. As most of you would agree, the ability to ascertain the best possible time for any given activity can be extremely helpful throughout our lives. As the saying goes; timing is everything.

Timing can be everything when launching and running a awareness campaign. , determining the duration of your campaign, and communicating with your target audience in a timely manner before, during and after awareness campaign That means every day. Communication should be constant and fresh; never let a single message grow stale.

the past three years in saudi arabia all the breast cancer campaign which we all know that launched in October was at the same time with a launched others campaigns that related to religion practice as the month is supposed to be hajj ((month when all muslims people go to do hajj worship)) .

all the campaigns that arranged for hajj worship were very active also the health that asked people to aware from infection that may appear due to hajj from people that came from all around the world were active too , which may reduced the chance of breast cancer awareness to be successful and to reach saudi women during the hajj month ((october month which is the global breast cancer awareness month)) .

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