The movement of gender equality is unfinished in Canada

The movement of gender equality is unfinished in Canada

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To what extent do you think the movement for gender equality is unfinished in Canadian society
Support your answer with specific examples. (Persuasive essay)

– Opening statement, answer the question, get attention
– Opposing view: (a referenced statement that opposes your opinion) (use peer reviewed source)
– Supporting view: (belief of the primary source) (a peer review source)
-A thesis statement: (in one sentence you restate your opinion and provide three points to discuss.provide a road map for the content of the paper.

There should be 3 body paragraph.

1. Topic sentence: Introduce the main idea of the paragraph. (No Citation)
2. Supporting detail (development): Use evidence and examples to explain and develop the main idea. (Citation)
3. Concluding Sentence: Conclude your explanation of the topic of the paragraph (No citation)

1. Summarize your three main points
2. Refer back to the introduction and main thesis statement without repeating it words for word
3. Prove your points and provide some closure to the paper.