SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis

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Select a job (or position in an organization) in which you are interested. Visit the O*NET OnlLne website or www.onetcenter.org and locate all relevant information about the position. Write an analysis about what the job entails, highlighting the job description and job specifications data. Then identify what you need to do based upon the results of your SWOT analysis to prepare yourself for this role after graduation.

This assignment should be 3 to 5 pages in length, and follow current APA guidelines.

Identify strengths that you have?
?    Maximizing profitability at location.
?    Great people skills.
?    Great proficiency in inventory/ supply chain management.
?    Great communication skills.
?    As General Manager, I have proven myself as a leader in the market by consistently surpassing company marginal goals. I have demonstrated great strength in the training and retention of employees. I have become a market leader in inventory management, through the development of an ordering system based on sales trends. Great communications skills. Myself and team are always on the same page. Working in unison toward achieving company goal.
What are some of your weaknesses?
?    Failure to document performance issues.
?    Failure to hold people accountable.
?    Failure to personally follow up on task completion.
?    Failure to create a “Bench” ensuring a more proactive approach to the locations staffing needs.
?    I have consistently failed to document conversations with employees regarding performance issues, causing issues in employee accountability. I consistently delegate my responsibilities on following up on employee task completion, sometimes resulting in task not being completed at company standard. In the fast past and constantly changing environment that is retail management, I have consistently failed to provide adequate staffing, sometimes resulting in high turnover and excessive overtime.
What opportunities are available to you?
?    Opportunities for improvement are literally endless.
?    The opportunities for advancement are prevalent, through the company’s recent purchase of a major competitor.
?    Great opportunities to continue my education through the company’s education reimbursement program.
?    Ample opportunities to be successful while utilizing the company’s incredible resources and technology tools.
?    Working for the world’s largest convenience store chain by revenue, I am blessed to have multiple opportunities in several areas.
What are some threats to your reaching your goals?
?    Sales goals that are constantly increasing.
?    Bonus potential based on year to date improvement.
?    Due to the company’s rapid growth, competition amongst co workers is intense.
?    Due to the company’s rapid growth and reputation in the industry, the constant threat of well qualified new talent is a growing concern.
?    When managing by objective, the constantly heightened standards abd sales goals makes for a challenging environment. With bonus potential based on year to date improvement, constant improvement is essential toward reaching monetary goals. Due the rapid growth, competition is fierce, creating sort of a race for promotions.
Did you identify new things about yourself?
?    In the “Weakness” category, I realized that many of the things I wrote were the first time I’ve ever said those things about myself. I felt kind of guilt when I realized they are qualities I have, that I do not want.

Analyze your SWOT analysis and identify what can be done to improve on your current plan for career progression or academic success
?    Huge improvements are needed in my approach to accountability. I also would like to learn how to embrace the fierce competition that has become my work environment.