1.  What are the possible characteristics of Canadian families today.  How have Canadian families changed, compared with the traditional Canadian families.  What are the special problems of contemporary Canadian families? (Approximate length is 3 double spaced pages)

2.  Describe the trends in the Canadian Labour force in post-industrial times.  What sectors have expanded and contracted?  What occupational shifts have occurred?  What are the likely futures in employment, underemployment and unemployment as new information technology becomes more pervasive? (Approximate length is 3 double-spaced pages)

3. Summarize the central arguments of the three models of political power, the pluralist model, the power-elite model, and the Marxist model.  What assumptions do the models share?  What are the key differences in arguments between the models?  What model do you feel most accurately describes politics in Canada? (Approximate length is 3 double-spaced pages)

4.  Following the social-conflict approach, what are the problems in the Canadian educational system?  Consider quality of public schooling, inequality among schools, and access to higher education.  Consider class, gender, race and ethnicity in your essay. (Approximate length is 3 double spaced pages)