part1: The Selfie

part1: The Selfie

The Selfie: A Linguistic Autobiography

Your roots

In 1 to 2 double-spaced pages, tell me about your linguistic roots. In what geographic location did you learn to speak? What language and from whom? What has influenced your language? How has your language changed as you have? How do you feel about your language and/or dialect/accent? Is it positively or negatively marked, and why?
Points to consider:
•    Do you speak the same way your parents do? Why and/or why not
•    Your grandparents? Why and/or why not?
•    Your siblings? Why and/or why not?
•    Your current neighbors? Why and/or why not?
•    Could an educated American make reasonably accurate guesses about your background (gender, age, ethnicity, income) from a telephone call with you?
•    What are the peculiarities of your idiolect [your personal language]?

part 2:Your beliefs

Tell me about your linguistic beliefs.

Points to consider:
•    Is some form of English better than another?
•    Are dialects acceptable?
•    Do you have any linguistic ‘hatreds” (e.g. “Between you and I)?
•    Should everyone speak English in the US? (See p. 32-35)
•    If not, why not? If so, which English?