Order Description

Module outcomes:

At the end of the module the learner will be expected to be able to:
• Evaluate tools, concepts and techniques for developing a marketing plan.
• Ensure that the marketing plan is compatible with overall organisational objectives.
• Judge the appropriateness of given concepts, techniques and tools in developing and managing the marketing mix.
• Determine the relationship between development of the marketing mix and its impact upon performance.

Instructions to Candidate:

Candidates should write a 3000 word essay describing and critically evaluating in detail, the marketing related processes that a new product development team undertaking for a new business project to launch a new Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) into the UK consumer market.

The essay should review and critique the following:
• How the initial selection of an opportunity in the FMCG market is conducted, what sources of data are available, and how a potential gap in the market is identified.
• The essay should explain and discuss in detail the methods a team can use to select and specify a new product.
• There must be a detailed explanation and evaluation of the planning process surrounding the development and launch of a new consumer product, with particular emphasis on the research methods that will support the decision making.
• Finally there should be a discussion of the media planning, the options of routes to market, the framework of a costing structure and the service support a company might expect to provide.
• All the above must be underwritten with reference to theory and examples drawn from a range of case studies.
In an essay you are expected to do more than merely describe the process. Marks will be awarded for critical analysis and insights shown by the candidate. Markers will be looking for evidence of wide reading around the subject.
The marking criteria are shown below.
You will be assessed on the level of your critical analysis, the insights you show, evidence of extensive reading and in particular your awareness of current marketing issues in the business and marketing media.
You should submit your essay as a Word file, via Moodle before the deadline.
Word Limit: 3000 words