future olympic games host city proposal paper

future olympic games host city proposal paper

Description of this assignment: Use your accumulated knowledge of world geography and a some independent research to select a host city for a future Olympic games. You will need to consider the location, physical geography and climate of the city, the availability and potential for event venues, issues with global politics and national security, and the history of that place/region hosting previous Olympics. You have the option on whether to choose a host city for a winter or summer Olympics.

Instructions and Guidelines:
Your paper must include a separate title page including the following information:
Your name
Title of your paper
Professor?s name
The body of your paper should be approximately 5 pages of text in length:
A standard 12-point font such as Times New Roman
1 inch page margins
The following information must be provided in the body of your paper:
A ?city profile? for each of the cities on your ?short list? of candidate host cities ? your ?short list? should include 5 cities
Each ?city profile? should include:
As it relates to the summer/winter games being proposed
Physical Geography (mountains, rivers, etc.)
As they relate to potential Olympic events
General information about the cultural geography of the city and country it is located in: language, religion, economics, politics, etc. and any additional information that you feel is important.
At least one picture of the city
Your final selection from the ?short list? of candidate cities and a detailed discussion on why you chose the city you did to host the next Olympic games. In this discussion you should describe your decision-making process in detail, weighing the geographic pros and cons of each city on your ?short list?. Be sure to indicate the year your city will host the Olympics.
Your paper must have a works cited page including all of your information sources (this includes the websites from which you obtained pictures).
A note on style: You may use any style of citation and formatting that you feel comfortable with (MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, etc.). Geographers tend to use the Chicago Manual of Style, so there is a link to the Chicago Manual?s ?Quick Citation Guide? on Blackboard if you wish to use it.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to cite all of your information sources and paraphrase the information into your own words. Copying and pasting information or using information without giving an author credit is not only lame, it?s plagiarism. Please familiarize yourself with the college?s plagiarism policy and the consequences for doing so:

Good Information Sources:
Your textbook
CIA World Factbook: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/
About.com ? Geography: http://geography.about.com/

DO NOT USE Wikipedia for direct information, however, feel free to use sources found in the reference section of a Wikipedia page.

Submitting your paper: Please upload your paper to Blackboard as a Microsoft Word .doc file by using the link found by clicking ?Assignment Instructions? (the upload link is colored red). If you do not have Microsoft Word please convert your file to a .pdf (if you are not able to do that, you may turn in a hard copy as a late resort).